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Hello all,

I'm researching ways to create a 3D environment for our existing business app. I don't need to have characters or shoot guns or have nice landscapes. I need to render some 3d equipment (aerospace industry) and animate the equipment being taken apart for maintenance and put back together; asking the user for serial numbers, lot numbers, test data etc along the way. I'd like to also render a wall with a video clip (which changes as the technician progresses) that will show a real-life example of the step the technician should be taking next.

I'm interested in Java vs C++ because our team's skillset is java (I myself have 6 years java experience, with the last 8 months or so heavy on 2d (Graphics2D object)).

I'd like to find some formal training, like at the university level (or comm college), that uses a java based 3d engine (forgive me if I'm not using the correct terminology).

My main goal is to fashion a demo as quickly as possible, and it sounds like jMonkeyEngine will do that for me. I haven't started working through the tutorials yet, but I wanted to ask first if anyone knows of any formal educational institutions that are using JMonkeyEngine (or any other java 3d technology).



ps: I'm curious, how many non-gaming programmers are out there using JMonkeyEngine for business apps?

well possible is everything.

jME does not provide a out of the box solution to display videos, but people have been using jmf/fobs to display videos.

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well possible is everything.


Ohh no Core-Dump's actually having a melt-down!

There are a lot of universities using jME… For starters, try putting "university" in the search box.