Formatting of Text on Android

I’m having a problem with the text that is displayed on Android. It appears that when dynamically changing numbers on the display go from say 4 digits to 5 and then back to 4, the 5 digit is not overwritten or removed from the screen. I see this both on the debug data in the lower left hand corner of the screen (number of vertices and FPS) and my own FPS counter. In the pictures linked below, the initial rendered screen shows 8593 vertices and 68 fps. After moving around the scene and rendering an area with over 10,000 vertices, the 5th digit will still get displayed once I rotate roughly back to the original location. The display then reads 87,536 and and 69 fps. I am definitely not running at 69 fps. 6 fps is closer to reality.

I can not recreate this issue when running on the PC. I appears to be an Android issue only. Is this a known issue with Android? Would the JME3 engine cause a problem like this or is it a Android OS bug?

Screen capture Before rotating

Screen capture after rotating

I also noticed this issue on android, while it’s working fine on PC.

Maybe something weird in BitmapText.

Thanks for reporting the issue