Forum Freakin' Slow!

Has anyone else noticed some significant performance issues on the forum lately?  I don't know if it's Lunar Pages or just the fact we've got so many messages and so many people accessing the forum at any given time, but often I click on a message and can go to the other room, get a drink, and come back and it's not done.  However, other times it can be really responsive.

I don't know how much we can really do about this, but it's getting really bad.

It's slow for over a year now… becoming slower every day, yes :expressionless:

Optimized the database, still pretty slow though. Will upgrade the forum software.

Everything seems fast except going into specific threads… i.e. navigating the forum's topics is fine, it isn't until I click on a thread that it bogs down, which I was hoping the database optimization would cure.