[Forum Suggestion] ”Forum index” link on every forum nav

Didn’t know where to put that, so I’ve put it in off topic section. I hope you’re not angry :).

Probably you’ve been there before too. You browse a thread, but for some reason you need to quickly go to different section of the forums (like from General, to Troubleshooting - GUI - poor example but it is just example). You need to click “Forum Directory”, then Forum Index, then category you want to go. One unnecessary step. Why we can’t add to nav link that would directly brought us to forum category listing? I know it’s possible - I was administrator on Buddypress forum where I have similar feature (by hardcoded link in layout, but still) and that was when it was just taking off, I’m sure now it is more advanced.

I’m not sure what you are talking about. (I never need to use this so I just tried it for fun.)

I hover over the “Forum” in the menu bar above, the drop down opens, I middle mouse on “Forum Index” and I get the forum index in a separate tab. Which click could I have avoided?

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Oh, didn’t know about that. I guess it’s time to turn off NoScript.

@dariuszg-jagielski said:
Oh, didn't know about that. I guess it's time to turn off NoScript.

As Flash gets replaced more and more its getting harder to justify having it enabled by default.. Of course, the up-side is that people aren't using flash to do simple navigation bars anymore :)