Forum Upgrade

Well, forum upgrade wasn’t too smooth. Seemed to have messed up my admin rights… hopefully everything else is working…

Ok, finished… should be back to normal now.

Where did the monkey at the top-left go? :?


Well, it seems that my ISP strongly recommends that all users of phpbb switch to SMF. The inherent security issues are causing them serious concerns. I’ll work on switching us over to SMF over the weekend. Praying that I don’t screw something up…

Ok, conversion to SMF is complete. There may be issues that arrise from this move. Apparently it is a much better forum than phpbb2. So, this should be all that's required. Leave comments here, and I'll do my best to fix any problems (I'm not all that positive what I can and cannot fix).

I actually got to see the install page while this was happening :wink:

Seems to work fine except for the smileys… also links to old topics are not converted. I guess that's too much to expect from a conversion tool.

edit: the more I stare at this theme, the more I dislike it. Escp. the quoted text in purple background. But I guess this won't be the final theme?

Most smileys appear to be working, but perhaps phpbb2 had some smileys that SMF doesn't have.

The post links is a bit annoying, I guess as problems crop up from it I can modify the post with the correct link. Hopefully, it's not an issue.

None work with me. There's supposed to be a row of smileys right above this textbox but all it shows is the alt-text. If I open the link from the properties ( eg ) I get a 404.

Ok, I think I fixed that…

Ok, I "personalized" the theme with monkeys… fixed some more path issues. It should be working properly now. You can now also post attachments… should be good for screenshots and code. I'll leave that on as long as it's now abused.