FOSS tools for GPU measures?

Hi all,

I’m playing with the shaders for a couple of days now and it’s so fun I’ve developped a habit of putting everything in them.
For example my in-game UI is now a frag :slight_smile:

This leads to my question : do you know any good FOSS (working on Linux would be great!) to measure what’s happening in the GPU ? I found some proprietary software but they are closed source and only for windows.

This is important as you can’t improve what you can’t measure …
I’m interested by measuring :

  • shader timings (a measure of what I imagine being “gpu time” for each shader)
  • gpu bandwidth usage (what I call “gpu bandwidth” is the “pipe” between the RAM and the GPU. For example I think I’m sending too larges textures too often to the GPU. How can I check that ?)
  • any other “gpu” measures

Best regards,


Unfortunately there are not as good tools in opengl with directx.

For debugging opengl interactions in general i would use apitrace

Since i use a nvidia card i cannot use gDebugger (or i was not able to make it work), but it might be usefull if you are on ati.

Ok I guess I’ll have to stick to the dark side :frowning:
Thank you for the answer.