Found this paper about mesh deformation. Could be useful

Mostly for @sploreg but could be useful to anyone really.

I was looking for an algorithm to merge spheres and got this in the result list. It’s not something I’ll end up using but it might be useful to a tool maker.

The PDF.

The original link where it comes from with description.

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That’s a neat idea actually. I can see it being a tool where you can modify the terrain with specific shapes, or even select an area that you have already modified (say, made a crater) and then essentially clone it and stamp it around the rest of the map. I don’t know how easy it will be to do that with this technique, but I haven’t finished reading the paper so it might be. I have to ingest more caffeine first :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing it!

Exactly why I tagged you. :smiley:

I’ve read it rapidly and I don’t think it would be that problematic to implement, but I’ll leave that for you to decide. :wink: