FPS dropping issue!

hey, i have this following problem using Nifty GUI 1.3 !! :frowning:

on adding a window with 10 buttons onto a layer, drops the fps to 50 from 1250!! why so much of difference?

i tried isolating it to just one window on the layer with no buttons, and it drops from 1250 to 350 avg. dude, is it like normal? or there’s something wrong with my machine?

i got to know one more thing, the more the button, the more it drops, basically more the elements on the screen, more it drops!

but i was amazed to c it drop to 50!

i have like 3 windows with each of about 7/10/3 buttons respectively!

and like some button in each window open another window!

so like the fps keeps dropping like mad!

i know i can remove and add a layer/window with some command, but still the fps drops like to 50 with one window, 30 with 2 windows opened! :frowning:

and that’s how the fps is going to drop, i cant work it out!

i tried using label instead of a button, but it didn’t look good, to have a label instead of a button on GUI!

tried using panel and label as a replacement for each button, but then the fps drops like button only! no improvement on performance! :frowning:

1:)can u provide some alternative to keep it going good?

2:)and what is ideally a good coding style? building different layers for different windows? and then add and remove layers on demand?

or one layer with many windows, but simply remove a window on close, and add when demanded?

3:)what should be a benchmark fps for a running program?

Thanks for helping!:slight_smile:

awaiting a reply!

its becouse if you render nothin you have so many FPS. Try Render some objects first and then add nifty and saw the diffrence

and i dont know if nifty use opengl to create gui, or it just manipulate pixels itself

Yep, first worry about getting a game running, then worry about fps.

Oh, ok!

The thing is, that I just have to create the Gui!

And map the application modules with the Gui, thats it!

It aint no game!

Why not use nifty with slick then?

Nifty with slick?

Need some info! M a newbie!



Ill do my work on that, and get back

Some clarification might be needed here! Ojas (@ojasgosar) is doing some Nifty proof of concept work for the Betaville port to jME3…