FPS independance idea

Hi all,

It struck me the other day when mojo was talking about FixedLogicrateGame that why not fix the calls to PhysicsSystem.update() ourselves in the PhysicsSystem?

So you would still call physicsSystem.update() on every opportunity you get. Its just that we will restrict the “actual” update calls to 100 (its a setable amount).

So im going to be working on that now (shouldn’t take long i dont think, copy/paste code from the FixedFramerateGame/FixedLogicateGame).

Anyone see a problem with this?


i have this working like a charm!

This will be included in the next release.


Cool, we do something like that in a number of places to manage over doing some calculations. For example, Cloth restricts it self to only updating the physics every X ms. etc.