Fps jolt

Dont know if this is a major problem or not, for some reason when i am running code the FPS hangs arround 75ish and then every 4 seconds jolts up to 500+ and then back to 75ish… the patten is pritty constant and gives the programs an almost stop-start feel to them.

I dont know if it could be driver related but heres the spec of the machine incase there is a known hardware issue:


2gb Ram

1.2TB (3x400gb) HD

ati 9800XT 256mb



Do you use Cool’n’Quiet?


lemme check.

Can’t see anything in bios?

You have an Athlon64 and maybe your energy saving scheme is set to minimal energy usage (don’t know what the exact term is in an english Windows version). If that’s the case, it is quite likely that you are using Cool’n’Quiet’. You can use CPU-Z http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php to check it exactly. If the multiplier value is dropping when you do nothing, you have Cool’n’Quiet enabled.

I tried Cool’n’Quiet on my PC and had exactly the same effect as you described, so maybe it is a typical behaviour.