FPS Text TextureState bleeding onto scene geometry

I have a simple scene with an AxisRods at the origin, but the rods have started showing tiny text on them.  I also have a TriMesh octohedron in the scene, but I did not set the texture coordinates, resulting in invisible geometry (the transparent <0,0> pixel of the font texture).

I'm not sure what I did, as I haven't been messing with rendering states.  But I have been messing with the order of operations relative to SimpleGame, as an attempt to modularize the startup in a way that better fits my existing framework.

How do I 'clear' the TextureState as I toggle between scene and HUD (like the FPS counter) nodes.


Right on the money!!!

I had split some of the scene generation into two functions, but only had one update in the original method.



It sounds like you have scene objects that never had updateRenderState called on them?