FpsCharacterControl: legs

I saw there is many threads about BetterCharacterControl.

But I am still intrigued about the concept of it.

What is BetterCharacterControl in a short description? we are a massive, undeformable moving block, that when moving beyond slopes fly like a rolling ball.

What I would like from a character control: legs! (EDIT: not legs on itself, but legs simulation final effect)
for what? legs make it harder to go beyond slopes, and dampen when you pass thru it, so you will not fly even a bit, becase you put your foot properly just beyond the slope.

EDIT: Also when it touches ground, if we release the controls it stop moving promptly, I mean having high control over it is what is expected.

But how to implement it and still have physics acting on the body?


I havent made any tests yet.

I am thinking on kinematic, never used so I still dont know how it works.

Also, in placing the character always just above the ground using TerrainQuad.getHeight(), and I still wonder if it may be encumbersome.

I think I will have to use a highly controlled RigidBodyControl, by preventing gravity from affecting it unless it is clearly far from ground.

May be the BetterCharacterControl could be still used/tweaked, but I am having so many difficuties and problems with it that I am almost writing something new from scratch.

Any tips are welcome!