Frame Per Second

Hi. When I start a main class extending SimpleApplication with empty scene, my fps is 450-520 but when I started to make an FPS(First Person Shooter) game I noticed it droped to 80 - 150 fps. I did not even add any high materials yet. All I have is two boxes, a small road(made from blender with textures), a gun(made from blender with textures), some bullets which are just rays and a GUI class with two images.

The funny thing is that when ever I look away from everything and look at a blank space, my fps jumps to 250-260. I can not let the fps drop too low or some of the updates in other classes gets messed up, like the enemy will not follow me, instead it will keep on going in a straight line.

So I want to know how this fps work and is there any way to improve it. I also want to know if fps is related to my graphics card? If it is then I will start to work with my game on my computer which more powerful than my laptop.


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Thats normal, how much depends on your gaphics card and the complexity of the models.

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