Frame rate rising after switching between JME and Windows

Hi all,

i am working with JME for some week now and i have created a small GUI

including 3D elements and SWING GUI elements.

Everything is fine up to now :slight_smile:

However i have recognized that my frame rate is rising tremendously in JME

when as soon as i am switching from JME window to, say windows explorer and

then back to JME.

To illustrate this i took a screenshot:

In the image you can see the green line being first very high.

Then i am switching the stats on and the frame rate is falling.

after 5 sec i am switching to a window that completely covers the

JME window and back to JME again. The rise of the green lien then shows

the frame rate increase.

In this example the rise was from 130 FPS to 240 FPS.

Could someone please enlighten me why this frame rate rise occurs?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: