Framerate becomes zero

Hi everyone,
I set the framerate of my game to 60.
When I load the model tank2.mesh.xml, the game becomes choppy and the framerate becomes zero.
Can anyone explain to me why this happen.
What can I do to resolve this?

Thanks in advance…

When do you load the model?

If the game starts fast and becomes slower and slower then maybe you are loading it in simpleUpdate()? ie: every frame?

Otherwise we don’t have enough information to help.

I load it in the simpleInitApp method…

I think I know the reason why. The current renderer of my game is opengl2. When I try to use opengl_1, everything went well (framerate became 60 ).
What do you think is the reason?

I really want to use OpenGL2 as the renderer. Can you please help me how do resolve this?

Install the latest graphic card driver from the manufacturers website (not windows update).