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In the last couple of months I’ve been haunting this forum with all sorts of questions. Some probably so easy they might have been annoying. But your answers helped me finalise my Masters’ Thesis research project and I thank you for that.

During my work on the thesis I’ve noticed there was a lack on free blender models and environments. As part of it I managed to put together two interior models which I’m releasing as free and open-source. I only hope they will be helpful to someone, somewhat repaying my debt accumulated on this forum :slight_smile:

  1. A one level home interior with kitchen, bathroom, livingroom and bathroom. There are a few appliances and everyday physical objects

  2. The model of a living room with a semi-integrated kitchen. Again, appliances included.

They are fully compliant with JME. So simply convert them to .j3o binaries.



That’s a mighty cool gesture, thanks!

I highly recommend sharing your asset on, and maybe create a preview with Sketchfab as well, which can even be embedded on this forum so we can see what we’re downloading :wink:

As suggested by earland, you can check out the models on Sketchfab :slight_smile:

Model1 -
Model2 -

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