Free medias (3D objects, textures ...) (~1.4Gb)


I’m not sure that it’s the better section for this topic, and I’m sorry if it’s not the good.

I discovered some days ago the MMORPG ryzom. Not for playing, but because it’s open source now. It’s a great game, but the source code is too big for me. With the code source, all medias are free to use. You can find 3D objects, textures, animations …

You can find the licence details on the website.

There is 1.4Gb (zipped) of resources.

It can be very useful for jMonkeyEngine users, so there is the link :

I just wanted to add: that these assets are release under a share-alike license, what means, that you have to release you work under the same licence ;-]

So they are not as "free" as the jMonkeyEngine for example :wink:

I'm not sure (Creative commons licences aren't very precises  :?).

For me, I understand that if I modify it, I must redistribute the new medias with the same licence (but not the full software). But if i don't modify it, I can use them with the licence that I want (just with precising the author name).

assets are based on max files, most assets don't even look good to me, strange proportions and style…

Wow, seeing things like this really puts a big smile on my face… I love it :smiley:

I'll be seeding this for a long time to come!


Students can get 3ds Max for free, I know you do work in academia so it may be worth seeing if you're eligible as well

The .max format is a hugh issue.  I don't have 3D Studio Max and as I understand it, you cannot write an importer/exporter for the .max format. 

Anyone know if there is any way to import .max files into blender?