Free NASA models

Saw this on twitter:

Could be cool for someone so I’m passing it along. Not sure what the license is but they appear to be “open source”.


first !!!

cheers @pspeed =)

Hey yeah I think I saw this posted on reddit the other day with the comments saying it’s pretty much public domain unless there are any logos or astronauts on it.

I think the iss model could be a neat easter egg for my game…if it wasn’t 700MB and had over 1 mil. vertices. I can’t even decimate that without freezing blender lol.

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You could try the remesh modifier.

There are also a bunch of external tools for doing this that are related to the photo scan pipeline, the raw data tends to be very large to begin with.

Oh that actually makes it quite workable, even without textures. Thanks :smiley:

Edit: Eh spoke too soon, it ends up as a pile of cubemarched garbage lol

I’m sure you have but you can normally ‘fiddle’ that out by tweaking params.