Free NICE game-ready models around the world

Recently I browsed the net looking for free game-ready models for my indie game, and wow, I found a lot of nice models so I wanna make a list and share them with all ya:

First, of course the most famous model site: TurboSquid

This dragon is on my wish list ^^ (not free)

Unity3D has a collection of plants, trees and textures for use in Unity game

I like the free animated butterflies on 3dBud too:

And this dragon is so great (again not free) I just love dragons T.T

And all the assets were created for the commercial MMORPG Ryzom are all free to use under Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license:

3drt has some free models too, but they can not be used for any commercial purposes … -_-!

I love the dragon

but it’s not free ^^

And Terminal 26, a treasure!!! Needless to say!

Yo frankie’s a great open source game with cool toon models


Cool, thanks! Would be a nice idea to set up a list of model-sites with their according rights, maybe not too handy to do in a topic.

@normen: Is it feasable to do set up a listing page on the jmonkey domain or else put up a link somewhere here?

We have a nice link list under Home->Links. Would be happy if we come to moderate not just spam there :wink:

Thanks for the list! Yup, add any missing sites to Links please. I especially like the YoFrankie! link, I totally forgot that game is full of free assets. If someone put their mind to it, they could set up a complete scene with those, which would make for some great showcase pictures. wink wink

I’ve been asking the author of the Links plugin if he could consider making a BuddyPress plugin that would allow us to make such a link directory inside of a group, like this contribution depot. Our free resources would be more centralized that way. You can chime in if you’d like:

I’ll at least try set up more “directions” for the Links directory, as a lot of users seem to miss it; especially the fact that they can upload their own links to extend it.