Freeing the Mouse on Mac OS X

Hi guys,

Really really quick question that I'm shamed to say I'm stumped on.

After running a jme application which grabs the mouse, how do I get the system cursor back so that I'm able to reposition the jme window?

On windows, after the mouse is grabbed, I can regain the system cursor by pressing the windows Start Menu button on the keyboard.

I'm totally lost on how I would accomplish this on a Mac.

Thanks for your help


Try apple+tab :wink:

Nope, that didn't seem to work.

Pressing Apple+Tab, regains the system cursor, but I can't move the cursor.

I've also tried switching to another application and then attempting to move the jme window while it's unfocused. But as soon, as I click on the window, it grabs my mouse again.

hmm, I can at least click on the title bar and move the window here…

(just be careful not to move the cursor over the gfx window)

Heres how I use it:

  • press apple+tab

  • select different application

  • move mouse to gfx window title bar

  • click and drag to move window

  • move cursor over gfx window

Maybe try to search in the google search for your problem


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The only possible solution might be the one suggested by basixs. Though, I never tried it. I don't remember for other platforms but when the active application is a jME application, mouse can't access the rest of the Aqua interface (window title bar, window borders and application menu).

After all, I noticed that jME applications are not the only OpenGL applications affected by this problem. Nexuiz, for example, based on Darkplaces, a Quake derived engine, behave exactly in the same way.

Now that I think about it, this did frustrate me for a little while back in the day (but I'm easily frustrated…).

The key here is selecting another window.  Only then will the cursor be released, you then need to click on the title bar of the gfx window if its visible (if its not press apple+tab to bring it forward again), then move the window; but DO NOT let that cursor go back into the gfx window at this point, or you will be forced to repeat the process.

(give it a couple of tries and after a while you won't even have to think about it anymore ;))

i normally just switch the mouse like so on mac…