I'm thinking about buying the software and before I do, I was wondering if it works good with jME2? I would use MonkeyWorld3D, but it doesn't work right with my operating system. And the only way to fix that is download a file that takes 10 hours.

Basically can you import your terrain into jME2?

Give me your overview of the product.

The suggestions the help get you going with MonkeyWorld3D were just that suggestions, you are by no means out of options yet.  You could use VirtualBox with WinXP for instance…

Also, have you ran most of the jME tests?  Since MonkeyWorld is using jME pretty heavily you may be having a problem with LWJGL (which jME uses pretty heavily).  And if so maybe you can use JOGL with MonkeyWorld…

as far as the app goes, it LOOKS like it would work fine (its just generating heightmaps), but I don't know for sure.

I think its a pretty good app, but it won't generate .jme files like MW3D does. There is no terrain file format in jME, so there are a bunch of files (alpha images, heightmaps, properties and scenes). And those file can be loaded using some special code Outrunner has written.

I can't tell how hard it is to use those artefacts from FreeWorld3D in a jME application. Did i mention, that i don't have a clue about 3D in general and jME?