Froggy now in 3D!

…I'm sure I'll hate myself later for this. :o

maybe i'm halucinating but all i see from your post is :

"You could probably do:"

and nothing below.

darkfrog probably wants nothing below Sasa :slight_smile:

I was afraid of that. :o  You can "view image" on that page but it gives you a time-out session on it so you can't reference the image directly in a post like this. :slight_smile:

:’( then it’s only me  :’( only i can’t see all the images 'cause of my slow connection…

Nobody can see it. Your image host doesn't allow direct linking to images. ImageShack (the one I use, does allow it)

Though I was going to leave this topic alone hoping it would die a natural death,

Our passion for you will never die, darkfrog.  :D

could someone explain the story about the darkfrog and the lipstick ( and everything else about the darkfrog )  :?

I once made a smiley of darkfrog, but I colored the lips red. It was just like if darkfrog was wearing lipstick. The rest you know. The original story of how it started with our amphibian friend i dunno.

That story is a much longer and sadder story. :wink:

If you really need to know, and want to spend some spare  time… search the forums, it is pretty much all there  :wink:

Or you could just randomly pick any thread on the forums.  You have a high chance of getting some tidbits of the story.  8)

but he has 3206 posts i can't grasp all that information in my fragile mind… :expressionless:

…and you're already grasping part of the story. :wink:

There may be over 3200 posts but they all fall into only one of three categories  :wink: