Front Page Showcase

As you might have noticed, the frontpage now has a “show case” feature, showing off people’s work. Right now, it’s just holding a demo, but we’d LOVE to see your work in that spot.

Is anyone interested in a little free publicity for their project? Let me know.

Does the projects need to be finished, or is it enough with an alpha version or something?

Something you’d be proud to show. :slight_smile:

Hi mojo,

As I said to renanse, I’m currently working (slowly) on a global jME demo that would show almost all the features and the things you can do with the engine.

I think I’m gonna pause the development of this demo because I’m using Controllers and those will be removed in the 0.9 release, so…


Don’t pause. The change from Controllers to whatever takes their place will be very strait forward.