Frustrum Culling

Hi all,

I am busy making a octree which can load models.

My company wishes to use it with JMonkey and now i need to apply frustrum culling.

Im very new to this and after some looking i found out that its possible to cull by checking

if a point is on a certain side of one of the 6 planes. I belive i need a normal value for this.

Now for my question, is there a way to retrieve information from JMonkey about the normals of the planes,

or about the shape of the frustrum? (and if its possible to extract the planes from this information)

Thank you in advance


Did you look at the camera class?

Check the method Camera.contains() and it's implementation in AbstractCamera.

nymon said:

Did you look at the camera class?

yes, i found lots of methods that were returning a value thats associated with a plane,
but i could not find documentation on what was actually returned.
and i have seen the abstract implementation of camera :P i was wondering if i could
make it so that a JMonkey client sends some frustrum information to a server, which will cull
using a octree. The server doesnt have JMonkey, and ofcourse i could copy a few JMonkey classes
to it, but if it would not be too hard to make it myself, i would rather do that.