Frustum Culling problem

Hi all,

It seems that there is a problem with the UI in that when all the geometry from the scene has been culled, the UI is culled as well.

I have a rootNode with two branches. 1 is the UI, the second is the game. Once the game has been culled, the UI gets culled too, even if I set “forceView(true)” on the node, and do the same on all of its children and children’s children…

Ive tried giving them a model bound, and setting force view on them too, same problem…

Is there something I am missing?


Keep your branches logically seperated, the HUD/GUI stuff is not part of the scene, so don’t put it into the root node.



That did it, thanks mojo.


Hey DP what are you using for the GUI? Are you using the same stuff in the demo on the main page? I know the UI was in a state of flux a while back and I’ll be needing to use some real basic stuff (basically a text box to type into) and wanted to know where to look for some example code.


well, im only using the UIProgressBar and a UIBillboard…So yer, i am using the UI stuff.

Mainly because it is very easy to use and change. I believe a textField is available there…

If you need any custom components, give me a shout, and i’l see what i can do (im into GUI at the moment :P)