Full Screen Issues

I am using the propertiesIO settings to create my displayDystem (width, height, freq, etc.). However, even though I can choose full screen as an option in the dialog box, I am plagued with a bad display mode JmeException. This is wierd considering my application used to render in a full screen as of a few days ago, and as far as I can tell, none of my display settings have changed in that time. My application renders fine when full screen is not selected. What could be the possible causes of this. I have tried reducing my hardware acceleration to none, lowering my resolution, etc. No combination of display settings seem to work if the full screen option is selected. Please help.

Can you try throwing out your properties.cfg file and trying again…  Also, any recent changes?  Drivers?  What machine specs? etc.

I delete it everytime, so I get the dialog options everytime. I haven't installed anything other than a jar to exe converter in the past couple of days. I used that to make an exe out of my game.jar to launch my application. This exe sits in the same directory as my jme library jars and dlls, but I doubt that has anything to do with the problem. I have three ways to launch my application. The aforementioned exe, a double-clickable game.jar (from which the exe was made), and  a batch that runs the game.jar. All three launch mechanisms yield the same result. I remember that a few days ago when full-screen works, my computer would do some monitor resizing functionality if full-screen was selected to ensure that it is sized correctly. Now, it does not do any of that. I have no idea why it would stop doing any of that. Any ideas?

I am using a dell latitude d820 laptop, dual core, 3Ghz, 2gigs of ram, windows xp, nVidia display control panel

If you run the jme tests, do you have the same problem?

It works in full screen mode for the jmetest.effects.TestParticleSwarm test. I didn't try any of the others.

It still does not work in full screen mode for my app. There is not a requirement somewhere that a game has to extend one of the sampe games, is there? I am pretty proficient in java, so I decided to build my own gaming framework based on my understanding of the same games.

The first thing I do is handle the propertiesIO.

Then I initialize the displaySystem.

I use the following code :

// Local Variables

DisplaySystem displaySystem = null;

Renderer renderer = null;

String rendererString = null;

int width = 0;

int height = 0;

int depth = 0;

int frequency = 0;

boolean fullScreen = false;

// Checks the propertiesIO

if (propertiesIO == null) {

throw new InitializeException("The propertiesIO is null.");


// Gets the values

rendererString = propertiesIO.getRenderer();

width = propertiesIO.getWidth();

height = propertiesIO.getWidth();

depth = propertiesIO.getDepth();

frequency = propertiesIO.getFreq();

fullScreen = propertiesIO.getFullscreen();

// Gets the displaySystem

displaySystem = DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem(rendererString);

// Sets the values





// Creates the window

displaySystem.createWindow(width, height, depth, frequency, fullScreen);

// Sets the title


// Gets the renderer

renderer = displaySystem.getRenderer();

// Sets the backgroundColor


// Enables the statistics


This code works fine when full screen is not selected, however, when it is selected I get the bad display mode JmeException. I believe that I get this message when it is trying to call createWindow.

My guess is that you have some value for depth that it does not like.  Maybe try printing out the values you are passing to createWindow

I found my mistake. I was getting the following for height

height = propertiesIO.getWidth();

Apparently, my system didn't like the height as the width in full screen mode. I wonder why… L

Thank you for your help.

Doh.  So easy to glaze over when looking at code sometimes.