Fullscreen support in jMonkey


I am posting again about the current drawbacks of fullscreen mode in jMonkey:

This is a lwjgl issue, not jme3

Actually LWJGL supports undecorated windows, so technically you can create a LWJGL undecorated window with the same resolution as the screen and it should work.

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Indeed, thanks. I added

System.setProperty(“org.lwjgl.opengl.Window.undecorated”, “true”);

to main() and now I get undecorated windows, nice. The only trouble is that it’s not always-on-top, so panels and bars show up above the window… But I’m guessing this also has to be done on the lwjgl side.

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On Windows there’s no panels and bars above the window.

From what I see fake fullscreen loads faster and I can alt-tab in and out quicker, but sometimes it glitches out a bit.

I think I like normal fullscreen more

Panels do show up on top on Linux unless the window has the “always on top” flag. I don’t get any glitches though, and I prefer that mode~

The glitches might be due to the default behavior of pausing on focus loss, which causes animation glitches in both real fullscreen and fake fullscreen.