Fun new character test class

Added a fun little test for the bullet character node, it shows some of the most basic things about using characters and its still amazingly few code :smiley:

Look at for the source.




Nice! But he looks so angry :x

Nice and funny.

I needed that, thanks Normen!

I meant to comment on this earlier, but I must’ve… OOH SQUIRREL!

Errr. Yeah, attention span. This example works a lot smoother than anything I’ve came up with so far. Definitely a great addition to the test libraries! :slight_smile:


Nice work :slight_smile:

I created my own bullet character node! XD

Damn i didn’t see that earlier

If you allow, i will take a look inside your code!

For example your character seems not to go in the direction the camera is looking!

Well I will have a look and then try to improve it! xD

Why should the character always go in the direction the camera is looking? I think the user has to decide that. Also, the characterNode should not be rotated, the bullet character node does not rotate and it produces funny results when its forcibly rotated. Look at the code of this test, thats what I did it for. It shows you how you can “rotate” your model that you attach to the PhysicsCharacter. TestQ3 shows how you can use it as a first person controller.



Yeah, I tested it now xD. You are right, everything is fine!

Still I know things I can improve :wink:

About TestQ3? How did you manage taking steps? This problem gives me headaches

PhysicsCharacterNode uses the built-in bullet character. It can take steps just like that :stuck_out_tongue: If you have a character based on a PhysicsNode its probably worth extending because the PhysicsCharacter does not use “real” physics.

looks great but how come the fps is so low?

it’s relatively simple but based on this: how will the fps be in a more complex game?

is the problem again jbullet?

In the video assertions are enabled and the computer is recording the video while the game is running. When I run the example w/o assertions and video recording I get a pretty stable 300 fps…