Funky Edges With Imported Mesh

I’ve been chasing my tail around for a long time on this one, and it’s getting to the point where I need to make a serious effort into fixing it rather than a few hours here or there tinkering with settings and models.

When I get a certain distance away from the mesh, this weirdness happens along the edges of the mesh as seen in the picture.  I’d automatically say it’s a depth buffer issue, but I’ve set one up using the ‘less than/equal’ function to no avail…

Any ideas?

Does look a depth buffer or precision issue. How large is the scene? Perhaps you can scale it down? Also consider increasing depth buffer precision to 32 bits

how would i go about doing this?  Is it simply playing with the frustum, or is there a function to set this?

The depth buffer is set on the renderer DisplaySystem.setMinDepthBits (in standard game, this is picked up from the settings in standardgame.displayMins). I seem to remember the value needs to be set before the display window is created, and can't be changed afterwards. In standard game it defaults to 8bit, simplegame seems to have it at 0.

The scale thing is down to the creation of your models and what is used as a "unit" for measurements.

For example - If your objects were modelled to a scale of 1 unit = 1 meter, try rescaling them so that 1unit = 10 centimeter instead is the gist of it.  You can rescale everything in code, but generally better to start with it right :slight_smile:

Thanks JOC…  Luckily, scale is one thing that we're meticulous about, as we're creating a spatially accurate representation of cities based on cartesian coordinates :wink: