Fur Test

I spent a couple of hours having a real quick look into the viability of fur in jME, using the first j3o I grabbed :


Inital results from the test scene indicated the effect may be too expensive, however once in a full engine it run very well :


Based on this I would be happy to start using fur, something I had always assumed too slow. Unfortunatly Maker’s Tale has no need for such effect at the moment.

And it would have been wrong not to spend 60 seconds re-tinting the texture, just to see how would look :


alt view


@jmaasing said:
I had real hair 10 years ago :)

lol, I feel with ya pal xD

great gob @thetoucher and yeah, pretty amazing how fast it seems to be..

as usual… excellent work!

Looks like motion blur. The model doesn’t look static and for me, doesn’t make it look like it’s fur. Other than that, excellent job :slight_smile:

EDIT: Correction. The thing that lessens the fur effect is that it’s placed on the horns and other furless parts as well. But I’m sure you already knew that :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice! Did you follow any particular tutorial that you could link to? A fur tutorial on xbdev.net has frequently come up on this forum.

How easily can you limit the effect to restricted areas, if at all? I noticed how the horns and equipment were also “furry”.

@mazander [1] and @canis85 [2] might be interested in seeing this, as I know they’ve previously attempted the same thing.

@erlend_sh yeah its easy to restrict, I did a super rough job of masking the face, horns and weapons, I did miss a heap of tufts, as contrast, same setup but different texture and no “lengthMap” (alphaMap), so uniform fur length…


This is @canis85 's shader, I’m just having a poke around.

Nice effect. Obviously the masking can be improved but you can see the potential of it.

sexy, go on skype :stuck_out_tongue:

One cool thing would be to have the fins affected a little by gravity so that it falls more naturally. :slight_smile:

does it purr?

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I think we are going to have real hair in about 10 years, along with other real simulations.

I had real hair 10 years ago :slight_smile: This is really cool and I’ll settle for simulated fur.


thetoucher shaders final effects always look so professional 8)

@thetoucher , can you make a test example project? I’m just curious how to use it.

Really exiting!

@mifth sure thing, here’s one @canis85 prepared earlier :slight_smile:

I couldn’t leave the fur blended poorly in my scene, nor resist to urge to make some tweaks :wink:



@thetoucher looking really good!

just awesome, soon thetoucher will make Euclideon similar graphic :evil:

wow, nice

Very nice! What does it look like when the character is moving? Any chance of a vid?

It’s a shame the masking isn’t complete on the horns and vambraces as I think it would improve the effect a lot.