Future components

What are the planned components coming up?

We have:

Button, scroll pane, frame. text labels

I was thinking possible additions:

Text inputs

Check boxes

menu bars

progress bars

a tree system (similar to JTree)? That would be GREAT for handling a scene graph.

The next widget will be a 3D container that has its own camera attached. As it renders it will put its camera in the renderer. This will allow having multiple views of a 3D scene or multiple 3D scenes visible at one time. It will still have the capabilities of a 2D container so Widgets can be added and arranged as usual.

After the 3D container I will probably write a single line text edit widget and then I may write a spinner widget to work with the text edit widget.

The ones you mentioned

Check boxes

menu bars

progress bars

a tree system

are definitely on the list.

A slider control would be nice.

I also want to write a console widget thats works like the quake console.

Long term, I plan to write multiline text editor with syntax highlighting. I intend to use it to edit opengl shader scripts. It could also be used as the script editor when we add that scripting engine to jME. :wink:

Some others that come to mind:


3D axis

Inventory indicator

Health indicator

Popup dialog/message box

Transparent widgets

It’s not a widget, but a layout manager that anchors widgets to the sides of the window or to each other might be useful.

I’ll capture all the widget ideas that get mentioned in this forum and put them in my task list for future reference.

Keep the ideas comin’, the more the better. :smiley:


Toolbar is another one

Wow, that sounds great. Looks like we will get improvements for awhile to come. I’m really looking forward to it. Now, if I could only get the models loaded so we can show something interesting with all the widgets. I’m onto my third model loading design… :slight_smile: