FXAA doesn't work in SVN

Hey all,

After what appears to be this revision: https://code.google.com/p/jmonkeyengine/source/detail?r=10750

FXAA causes a black screen. I noticed WorldViewProjectionMatrix wasn’t in the j3md anymore, but adding it back doesn’t seem to fix the problem (for me at least). Is everything working as expected with ResolutionInverse…? Disabling FXAA allows my application to render fine, even with other things in the FilterPostProcessor.

Reverting the FXAA files back to revision 10749 does NOT fix the problem, so something else that handles the PostFilter, perhaps the camera changes?

EDIT: I revered everything back to 10749 & FXAA now works again…

Might be related to

  • same version broken it as well I think.

I reverted everything to 10749 (as stated in my EDIT on post #2), but then updated just the FXAA.vert/frag/j3md files to the latest revision (with the ResolutionInverse changes).

Black screen.

Then, I put WorldViewProjectionMatrix back into the FXAA.j3md file, and yay, the filter works again!

Updated FilterPostProcessor.java to the latest…

Black screen.

So… adding back WorldViewProjectionMatrix fixes one of the causes specific to FXAA… something else going on that needs to be fixed in/around FilterPostProcessor.java :expressionless:

@nehon can check it but he is on vacation now during 2 weeks.

What mift said, I won’t be able to fix this until september 15.

You should pull the 3.0 branch in the repo as the trunk is now dedicated to 3.1 dev and I may sporadically break it :smiley:

EDIT : though thank you for reporting the issue…

Should be fixed now