Galaxies Beyond

Okay, this is still under active development and we haven’t quite decided on a release date yet, but the game is coming along smoothly enough now that I thought I’d be mean and just put up a teaser site:

I’ll update the site with screenshots and game information when we get closer to launch.

Yep, sorry, that's all you're getting for now...that's why it's called a teaser. ;)

and i was waiting all the time for something interesting to happen  XD
keep us up to date with news and stuff ;)

Hmm  love the music, not much more to add to that…

galaxies beyond… what? other galaxies? some dark matter filament defining the large-scale structure of the cosmos? inquiring minds want to know  :smiley:

You'll just have to wait with everybody else. :wink:

We'll have a demo released pretty soon…I just decided to pre-emptively get a little bit of curiosity going.

who is "we"?

sfera said:

who is "we"?

we      /wi/

And there I thought he was in production with Nintendo  :-o Thanks for clearing that up darkfrog!  :stuck_out_tongue:

They begging for it, but I'm trying to convince them to change that dorky name first. :wink:

darkfrog said:

They begging for it

Now I really can't wait!

Dorky name?!  It's the best name ever, now I get to tell people I'm going round my friends house to play with his Wii!  XD

You're just sick…  :-o

In all honesty the Wii is an amazing system.  I had sworn off consoles because the PC's controls (keyboard + mouse + joystick) was far superior to any console until the Wii.  They did an excellent job on Zelda (can't wait for them to release another…beat that one too quick) and a bunch of the other games.  I've also got a PS3 (my wife wanted it), but apart from the amazing processor and peripherals I'm not too impressed.  There's really not many good games for it anyway.

Update! Update! Update!  XD

It's been on hold while I dedicate all of my time to jSeamless recently.  Once Beta 3 is released I will hopefully be able to lessen the amount of time I'm spending on that project and get back to Galaxies Beyond.  I'm really eager to get back to work on it…it isn't too far away from the combat demo being released.

sound effect for the game

cyborg frog sound :slight_smile:

reminds me of quake 2 somehow (don't know why)  :slight_smile:

…I've made more than a few people croak while playing Quake 2. :wink:

darkfrog said:

...I've made more than a few people croak while playing Quake 2. ;)

As if things couldn't get any punnier around here!

it rather reminds me of something trying to be a frog. but it isn't.

(sorry - disturbed personality in here)  :expressionless:

Actually, took me some seconds to find some sort of frog freak (say those two words yourself very  fast, to test your level of english spelling) site,(amazing what fan stuff can do…there are like hundreds types of frogs…probably they exist out of internet, even ) download and use swftools to convert. I guess the robotic sound is for the excelent quality of .au format, in which ppl insist… [ Dang it, people(to the sfx sounds uploaders). Is easy, it's called wav, and it has no quality loose!! ]

The truth is I posted the sound in an alien language, but the traslation would be too embarrasing for me…

Now seriously [not] , that Galaxy thing title is nice, tho could have some more effect…but looks nice. I've seen short, misterious previews of game projects, but this one wins :wink:

And yep, I agree with you in other project post…you need even if basic, some particles and explossions…

My time is compromised with other project, but I did a mid pol spaceship long ago…I think I offered for free here too…only condition to appear in credits…I think is a nice,detailed one… Anyway, these days I am afraid of including this model with other crappy graphics which could be in your game, mwahahahaha (<-- mad, malicious laugh, apply some echo… ) .So, with only that title, I cannot see if I can  pass you my graphic funds to your company, sorry… :D  :stuck_out_tongue: …if you show here or pm me some screens…maybe, only maybe, hehehee.But no man hours work.Is only as is, as my time is for my friends project…

I've also got a PS3 (my wife wanted it)

:-o I want a wife like that  :D

@sphera er...oops..i think I got you...

Well my intent was to launch that site and then within a couple weeks release the combat beta.  However, things took quite a different turn when jSeamless got pushed to the front of everything.  I'm trying to get beta 3 of jSeamless finished today and then push it back to a lower priority than Galaxies Beyond so I can get that combat demo out.