Game Dev vs Impatience -- who will win?

Hi fellow jmonkeys,

I am curious, do some of you care to share how long they have been working on their 3D project?

I looked at a few samples in the showcase and was surprised how few games actually get completed. Most are "only" prototypes, it's a bit discouraging to see that…

Been going for over 3 years on my game, but it's been in fits and starts.  At one point my hard drive crashed and I lost almost all the work I had done, and I have now only recently started a total ground-up rewrite using jME.  I think most people (like me, for instance) underestimate just how much effort goes into creating a game.  It is not easy.  Even if you can work out the game mechanics and rules, that says nothing to creating art assets, model assets, or sound assets, much less making them interact.  jME (and it's various add-ons) help greatly with this, but even then it's a massive effort for all but the most trivial games.

I must say, working with jME has been a pleasure.  I am a total noob, but the community and support on these forums is top-notch.  I've rarely seen any open source effort so active and responsive.  Despite being "easy" to use, I still don't think any Joe off the street can walk up and expect to make a game in jME (or any other method) in a few weeks.  This can be frustrating.

Much like you, I am a weekend warrior for this.  During the week I simply don't have the time.  So little gets done.  Mostly just experimenting with new things.  After a few weeks of that I try to move things forward by pulling those experiments into something cohesive - like one new game element.  Sometimes it's movement, sometimes sounds, but I try to move forward.  Right now, I'm entirely experimenting.  3D is totally new to me, so I have much to learn.  Once I get a bit further down the road and feel more comfortable with a few things, I'll go back and start making the game from scratch - that is, I'll move off of SimpleGame to StandardGame  :smiley: and start taking the experiments (UI, game board, input controls) and bringing them together cohesively.  At least, that's the plan.

I know how you feel though.  I'm no closer to having a game made today then I was 3 years ago, but I enjoy it nonetheless.  I like learning new things.  So just the journey is rewarding, even if the results are less than I imagined.

chirstius said:
I know how you feel though.

Hey, 3 years for me too :wink:

What first started as a PHP/MySQL game is now an Erlang server / Java (Eclipse RCP) client turn based MMORPG. And it was still supposed to be in 2D last summer…

Even I have nearly lost track of all the changes : protocol (HTTP to SOAP to ASN.1 to XMPP), graphic libraries (java2d to draw2d to pure LWJGL to JPCT to jME), application framework (POJO to Eclipse RCP), it's like I've worked on a dozen games in all this time…

Still, it's good to see that the current architecture is rock solid after all these trials and errors, so lately I've been able to focus on the game itself… And also jME as I'm a 3D newb :wink:

But as you said, the jME community is on par with jME itself : it rocks :slight_smile:

about 2 years here. but development is slow because of the lack of time. i'm the only dev and i only work on it every 3 months or so (and only for a short time).

but given the fact that it's not a "serious project", there's no hurry. the purpose of the project is to help me learn jme/game programming.

in the mean time i read the board, experiment with jme, try to stay up to date with the jme features and drive darkfrog crazy (my second jme project in which i invest much more time)  XD

sfera said:
and drive darkfrog crazy (my second jme project in which i invest much more time)  XD

Now slow down there hombr

stop hijacking this thread. zathras said "Hi fellow jmonkeys". monkeys ! do you think you're a monkey darkfrog? :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as you never even hint that I might be an animal whose name begins with an M, you can make all sorts of allegations regarding darkfrog (whose real identity - which is NOT Bruce Wayne - was revealed in a previous episod, anyway…)

Well I've used other game engines, and also tried the 'from scratch' route here and there to get a feel for them.

First and foremost, for developing, Java is the fastest language to work with, object oriented/garbage collection and large community online.  As far as Game Engines go, jME is pretty much the best one, especially when you add in other Java projects like JGN, FengGUI, jMEphysics, and you can even get FmodEx to work.

My favorite C/C++ game engine is the Nebula Device, and if I had a large team of experienced programmers it'd be worth using.  But for 1-5 team size project with inexperienced programmers, its not worth the extra features and slight speed improvement if it takes you forever to develop the project.

Now I really really REALLY like the Nebula Device, so it wasn't easy for me to switch, but if I actually want to finish my project in a reasonable time, that wasn't gonna happen using C/C++.

I find you need to remember to not spend more time talking about your project than working on it.

but given the fact that it's not a "serious project", there's no hurry. the purpose of the project is to help me learn jme/game programming.

My words! Everyone (not you guys) is like "So where's your great game already, huh, when you're gonna sell it?

Im a couple of years in now from concept …

Expecting a full beta this summer - pending a few major things being built… Will release again in around 3 weeks once full manufacturing of goods is stable, also have a modeller has recently joined the project who has knocked out many nice models. The game server is left running, but the game is so unintuitive that i may as well just turn it off, visits are short lived…

Its hard to fight back new ideas whilst trying to implement the last set of ideas …

Finally bought a mac too to make it multi OS compliant - not yet taken it out of its box though to see what the problem is with macs so still not mac compliant. :expressionless:

haha I haven't even started at all yet  :stuck_out_tongue:

I've been registered on these forums since July 06, and I decided to make a game quite a while before finding jME (started playing with LWJGL directly).  I keep changing my mind about what game to implement and always think my new idea will be easier than my previous and thus I'd be more likely to finish it.  I of course never do and frankly I'm still trying to learn 3D programming and jME in general, so that keeps me busy.  Maybe one day I'll actually start and finish a game, but don't hold your breath.

I'm currently busy working on EmperorLiam's (ahem  …) noise library and talking rubbish on these forums!

Hal, get back to working on MY noise library!  <shakes fist>

All I know is 1/2 the time I go to make something, somebody already has… sniff, I love you guys.

When you say "Noise Library" what exactly are you referring to?  I actually started building a NoiseController class that would allow for adding randomness to an objects motion, it's also good for just shaking the crap outta things like if you want to show a projectile impact on a ship.  Are you already working on something like that?  Or is this a "Sound" library of audio and effects to be used in a game?

as far as i know they work on a lib for generating procedural textures. (noise as in "perlin noise)

Thanks for your replies, very interesting! It's funny, right after starting this thread, I went and fixed 5 bugs or so in a row…  New personal record. :-o

Allright, of course that's million of bugs minus 5… But I looked back and wrote a list of things I wanted to implement and that I now got for free from just using the engine, and the list is pretty long! So actually, I was making a whole lot of progress, I just was not realizing how much. The fog starts lifting.

But before I ever start dealing with Perlin noise or whatever, I gotta find out where in the process of switching to Collada I lost collision detection in walls – the floor still has it… And I need to find out when or why my staircases all turned into boxes…  :-o Lots of small bugs, as usual. :slight_smile:

chirstius said:

When you say "Noise Library" what exactly are you referring to?

sfera is correct, noise as in perlin noise  :)

Progress is very very slow, but hopefully I'll have some basic 'functions' done soon that could be used for things like generating height maps for terrain.

@hal & liam: is the lib open sourced? do you have a repository? i'm very interested in procedural content generation and it would be nice to see how far you got. when i see percedural generated stuff it just… itches :slight_smile:

sfera said:

@hal & liam: is the lib open sourced? do you have a repository? i'm very interested in procedural content generation and it would be nice to see how far you got. when i see percedural generated stuff it just... itches :)

Right now I'm the only one working on it and it's just sitting on my home computer.  I certainly plan to open source it and set up a repo somewhere once I get something basic working.

As you may remember from my original post I was/am completely new to procedurally generated content and noise functions and am basically still just using my code to get my head round it all.

So once I have a better understanding and have managed to remove some horrible artifacts I'm currently getting I'll go open source.

ok. just keep us posted :wink: