Game Developers :- an open invitation

Hi All,

Wasn’t sure where to put this, so I’m leaving it in Uncategorised for now…

I’m looking at getting into the indie game review/critique scene, and am looking for some new titles to review and do ‘first look’ videos for.

Why am I asking here? Well, I’m looking for titles that may not have been covered by other media, so that I can produce fresh and interesting content… and if my videos are good enough, raise the profile of your title as well.

My values will be a focus of my work, so I’ll be focusing on the honesty and accuracy of the content I produce, but that said, I will discuss any item with you before a video is launched, particularly if the content is less than favourable.

I am literally just starting out, so I don’t have an established audience to offer, but if you’d like talk further about this, please feel free to contact me.

Regards. Stese
sdfrizz [at] gmail [dot] com


Nice. Sadly I don’t have something yet… but when I will, I will give you the opportunity (for me:D) to review it.

I’d take you up if I had something of substance. Probably going to be a few months before I get to that point… Here’s hoping you find projects and gain enough traction until then!


No worries!

What are you working on?



Couple months for me as well. And what I will have is more beginner java programmer stuff anyway.