Game engine vs animation software like blender or 3dsmax

Hi all,

Its just a conceptual question.

How does an aimation/modeling package like blender or 3ds max differ from a game engine like jmonkey?

Afterall a game is nothing but an interactive play between characters and I think this can be achieved very well with animation softwares.So why should a game developer go for a game engine rather than an animation software?

Please rectify me if my basic understanding abt these two different things itself is flawed.


Put another way:

“How does an image editing package like Photoshop different from a web development platform like PHP?”

“After all a web site is nothing but an interactive picture…”


I see the basic confusion here. Some 3d modeling software (like blender) offer a “game engine” as part of their software. And being as I have never played around with their “game engine”, I am probably not the most qualified person to answer your question. However, the analogy above is probably fairly accurate. I couldn’t imagine that blender’s “game engine” would allow for development of AI pathing for NPCs… or for that matter, something as simple as the ability to roll your own server/client solution for MMOs, etc.

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Yea, like t0neg0d said. Blenders gameengine is nothing that you can achive good and flexible games with.

It might be easy to create a character that jumps and walks, but on more complex matters like AI and interactive npcs with speechbubbles it will confuse you.

Dragging lines between sensor input and stuff is far more logical work than just write a few lines in java. Because in the end you will end up with a network of lines that not even you understand nomore…

Also, everyone must have blender an phyton installed, wich is not very common setup for normal users, java is much more likley to be already installed, (and will not confuse the hell out of persons starting it the first time)

thank u all…picture is more clear now.