Game Genre Poll

The Monkey World 3D team wants to know where you're indie ideas are heading.  Please answer one time - - I guess people could work on multiple projects at once but answer based on your most current or prominant project.  We'll use the responses to influence our future features and documentation.

You may review the results without voting.

I wanted to pick RTS… I think MonkeyWorld could actually be quite good for that, though as for me making one myself, that'll probably take a while. I think there have been some intresting indie-RTS concepts lately… like Tribal Trouble.

I whole heartedly agree with you.  The design seems to already compliment that genre.  Can't believe I missed RTS.  So we have a write in candidate.  :slight_smile:

Hmm… i wanted to pick Jump'n'Run, but Action( 3rd Person) could fit too…

I have to say, RTS fits better for my game…