Game information on screen

Hi all

how can i remove the information like “FrameBuffer”, “Texture”, “Shaders”, “Frames per second” ecc. that appear on screen? I have searched in Settings but i haven’t found nothing. thank you

public void setDisplayFps(boolean show) {

public void setDisplayStatView(boolean show) {

on the simpleapplication instance

like this?:





I’ve tried but it throws an exception:

[java]Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NullPointerException


at Simulatore.main(


You cannot call these from main(). You must call them from simpleInit().

For what it’s worth, as a test, I plugged in “hide stats” in the little custom google search in the upper right. The second hit was this exact question, exact answer, exact misuse, and exact correction.

I mention it because so many people don’t even know there is a powerful little search box up there.