Game "lagging"


I'm creating the 83126

Most likely it is the garbage collection of the virtual machine. Make sure you do not create many (large) objects each frame. You can use a profiler to see what is garbage collected and avoid the creation of it (e.g. reuse it).

yes, i have noticed the lag too.

the lag happens with jmetest examples too, and most of them are very lightweight (4000+ fps).

took this down and ran it and i noticed absolutely no lag whatsoever…

seemed fine…

i can't notice any lag here.

win xp / nvidia 7600 gs / amd x2 3800+

anybody runs jme on linux?

Thanks for the replies. I will try to follow the recommendations and profile the game.

I'm running the 1.0RC1 version on Linux (Arch).

The FlagRush tutorial its runing smooth here, I'm confused  :?

anybody runs jme on linux?

yes sir, ubuntu 7.04 here

I remember some lagginess in jme apps if some stuff was running in the background.
Esp. downloading something over modem seemed to cause this.

The lag occured around every 5 sec as if the app was halted for a 10th of a sec.

besides linux, it also occurs on OSX 10.3

os x 10.3???

wouldn't imagine java 5 playing nicely on that…