Game making Tutorials Series (by atomix)

Example game and tutorials - from Atomix
[Updated July 2013]
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Contact me:
Google+: Anmelden – Google Konten

First, The Series
Now the series are going on write various of game genre:


Chapter 1 : Card Game cardsgame
Chapter 2 : RPG Game - Blade of the immortal bladegame
Chapter 3 : Shot-em-all - FPS game shootemgame
Chapter 4 : Mayan boy - 3D Platform Puzzle game mayangame
Chapter 5 : EuroKick - Sport management game (Soccer) kickgame
Chapter 6 : RTS Multiplayer game - HeavenRTS heavenrtsgame
Chapter 7 : Ancient Monkey world mmorpg

[… more ]
which will tell almost every technique you want to know to start working in your own game.
Plus, I not trying to act ambious, since I just want to test my self and make such small prototype game, then release the code, that’s it!

Second, The Code :

I don’t know if anyone checked the code but now I made major changes:
separate the code into 2 part:
A- Atom framework which on top of JME3 and have some features like AI,Scripting,Database,VirtualReallity,Trigger,Multiplayer…(description below) to make developing game process in JME much more easier!

So, what is Atom - the cool things, actually it combines a various project of JME3 great contributors:
AI from @Sploreg @shirkit and mine
VirtualReallity from @noncom
Trigger Multiplayer and MirrorMonkey from MonkeyZone code which I believe written by @normen and @nehon and guys :stuck_out_tongue:
Database using Cayenne
ShaderBlow from @mifth
SpriteEngine from @dansion
Forestor from @androlo
… other contributors ( I will add them later :stuck_out_tongue: please forgive if I can’t remember your name immediately )
I want to thank all of you for you great great great contributor, help me and my friends here to start learning game programming and doing our own game. Salute! My job is to glue the those great gems together, (pretty time consuming job) :

As the spliting above, then I will make two diffreent topic to keep them separate, the Atom framework and the Series of game making.
Improvements in the framework will be added rapidly as long as I reveice advices from you guys, so I don’t label a version yet!
In the games I use some place holder asset.
My own models will be released and put in SVN for free to use!

P/s: Now, I don’t really have a good voice to introduce in the video clip, so sometime the subtitle will replace my voice. Anyone interest of doing the voice part, please contact me here! I will send you the video clip for recording !


<hr class=“bbcode_rule” />
Genre: RPG - Medieval - Combat
Mode: Single and multiplayer
Status: W.I.P and making video tutorials for developing progress… Sorry for a little bit late but I have to clean up things to put into SVN !

Source: Anyway, the project source codes and assets is up and can be checkout here:
Assets: There are some of the models will be seen in the tutorials, more to come!
Here is some more screen shots, which show the UI and the EffectComposing…</img></img></img> </img></img>


..(if anyone find interest)..

I am looking forward seeing such videos and tutorials!


The tutorials are coming soon. Thank for your attention!

great idea… good luck with the project


Sounds Great!

u stole my idea :P, I was gonna make a video tutorial series (still am), ask @normen he got proofs of this :slight_smile:

I can help you with the voice overs if u need any help

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@wezrule said:
u stole my idea :P, I was gonna make a video tutorial series (still am), ask @normen he got proofs of this ^_^
I can help you with the voice overs if u need any help

hehe yeah, he's right ^^ its the missing puzzle piece but it has to be done good. I'll do the tutorial series as I posted I just don't want to feel like I'd have to do it over again because of changes in either the engine or the SDK.

yh i know what you mean :stuck_out_tongue: I got something awesome planned though :slight_smile: <3


@wezrule @normen : I just confessed above that I stole the “idea” … :roll: So ?? :evil:

Anyway, the tutorials is specific to a game genre and may be a little bit from “Artist point of view”, which focus a lot in Asset making!..

I hope that you can see the different between the “official” tutorials about every aspect of JME and SDK with this one…

And may be I will send you the video for recording after I reveice the feedback for the first video tutorial with my voice, subtitle and music (which I think pretty nice) :p… But any help is valuable and I deeply appreciated that!



Game for Euro 2012.

Watch Euro now, play the game later! :stuck_out_tongue:

Genre: Sport

Gameplay : Football (Soccer) Manager

Game Modes: all single-play now

  • Football Club Manager

  • Football Match

  • Penalty Shoot Training

Techs use:
Atom framework

Special technique will be introduced in the game and in the video tutorials:
  • AI Steering behavior and DecisionTree, Scripting

  • SpriteEngine

  • Physics

  • Cinematic

  • Advanced GUI

I saw a Unity example about making sport game and It's pretty damn good! But with JME3, we can do better !

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Yes, As discussion in this thread:

The main idea of the series is show the process of making small prototype games and to take the power of JME3 and JMP + Blender to the limit:

  • A quick but good framework.
  • Good practise to making multi threading, multiplayer game
  • Blender-Hot-Asset-Reload, JMP improvements
  • Easy to extend, easy to use with other tools
  • Asset making in Blender (3DSMax…??). Modeling, Texturing and Basic Animation
  • Using JMP for everyday task … ( import, testing , debuging…)
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Click the links below, which will be updated when I put the video tutorials in Youtube.

The structure of the series may be changed as your request (if anyone find interest)…

I also think about the struture that @normen recommended which much more complete…

But for now, each tutorial will be 20-30 mins long with some time-lapse and some focus-in part.


0. Get familiar with UI: JMP and Blender (in 5mins)
1. Get familiar with Code: some basic Hello World runs and get the basic structure of a JME project (10 mins)
2. Talk about the idea of the project, medieval RPG with some concept showed.. (7 mins)

0. Get the SVN code from a contribute source, which is ready to run and has almost everythings (assets, code) for examples in following clips. ( 5 mins)
1. Do a basic modelling in Blender, export and tips , must-known things to make the export process success (10 mins)
2. First run and feel the game, instruction about the code struture… (10 mins)
3. Explore the code, the RPG Framework and how to extend...
4. Get Shadow, Forestor, Water in place (10mins)
5. Advanced animation to get a realistic movement for game character (10mins)

1. Go an advance modeling, texturing, RPG Character or NPC (10mins)
2. More Nifty things, make GUI as pretty as posible...
2. Get multi threading and physic work! (10 mins)
3. Get advanced effect work! (10 mins)
4. AI Framework: Trigger, Groovy Scripting… (10 mins)
5. Character interactive: Get cinematic, mouth rigging and dialog work! (30 mins!!!)
6. Network, multiplayer and enter the game of life! (30 mins!!!)
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Heaven - RTS Game.

RTS Multiplay

Starcraft like

It’s a long time and I’ve been very busy the whole time, but I want to let you guys know that I still working on this tutorial seri. Hope that some day when we reach final 3.0, the tutorials can be published at the same time!

For this weekend. I want to play with Deferred Rendering but kind of slow down my progress to wait for it improved by other for a few days.

Beside that, I made A RTS game in just two days… From modelling in Blender and UI.

That’s trully prove the power of our engine. The same as Unity and UDK has bring to other developers.

About the game.

It’s a clone of StarCraft with JME3 , JME3 Contributor project and my Atom framework. :stuck_out_tongue:



actual screenshot is close to starcraft 2 graphic :smiley:

and awesome minimap and UI!

nice… looking forward to the RTS one

I’m going to stay tunned on this, I’m relly enjoying the way this is taking.

Yeah, awesome stuff, you’ll be a jME guru just by doing this :slight_smile:

yeh can’t wait! starcraft ftw <33