Game Pitch - Three Rubs

I would like to pitch a game I want to make to see If anyone will give me feed back (both positive and negative)

There is a internet meme of cats wanting 3 belly rubs no more no less.

My Mobile (JME3 and Android) game would have different cats walk across the screen.

The user gets a choice to ignore the cat or rub (swipe over) the cat.

If the cat is not rubbed and has less then 3 rubs the players loses

If the cat is rubbed and already has 3 rubs the player loses.

The player wins if they can rub all of the cats 3 times no more no less.

Each level gets harder by adding more cats.

Each level gets harder by the cat difference in texture and model scale getting less distinguishable.

Im pitching this to see if its a worthwile effort.

Please let me know if you would play this game or if you would not and why.

Thank you for your time my fellow monkeys.


I wouldn’t play it :stuck_out_tongue:

Having said that:

The key to making it work would be to ramp the cute factor high enough. The cats would need to respond to the rub appropriately and generate an “awww” factor. I certainly wouldn’t do it 3d though. Get a good 2d engine…and most of the effort is going to go into good cute cat animations not anything else.

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Sounds fun actually, like those disappearing cup games :slight_smile:

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I just don’t play games on phones, sorry :confused:

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You’d be surprised what people would play ^^. Currently i’m playing Bus Parking 3D, and that had around ~150K downloads (edit: just checked its got 5M downloads now), its something quick I can play whenever. Simple ideas are the best, and most people who own phones don’t play on them for long, i.e on the bus, on the bog etc… so go for it. I also like cats cus they kewt <3

except this one
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