[Game] Pokemon Online

Hey all,

Ive got a group at my school thats working on making an mmorpg of pokemon, we first made an attempt at making our own engine, but quickly realized that we did not have the time necessary as college students to create a whole engine.

We are looking to start over using the JME engine, and would like some (or a lot) of help.  It is a group of 3 software engineers, with multiple years of programming experience, so we’re not total newbies to the programming scene, but this is our first foray into any intensive 3D work.  Im hoping to get together a few developers who would enjoy bringing a favorite game to life in the jME engine.

We are also looking for artists to help with our art pipeline, we are all engineers and therefore, by definition, not much for art.  It would be much appreciated if anyone would like to assist in that aspect also.

Check out our website at http://www.hauntedgames.net

and join up on our forums at http://www.hauntedgames.net/forum

Thanks in advance!

Say hello to Nintendo's lawyers for me.

dont worry, its not for profit or nething, just for learning

CommisGordon said:

dont worry, its not for profit or nething, just for learning

Say hello to them anyways. Profitable franchises often get nailed in the butt eventually. For instance, there was a very awesome mod in development for one of the RTS games out there (I want to say C&C3 but I'm not sure) that was Halo - oriented. In fact, it looked a bit cooler than Halo Wars. Well, they were ordered to cease development about when Halo Wars was announced. So even if its not for profit, you're wise to work with an original idea, or not "use" the word pokemon (but use a similar idea perhaps).

This game: http://www.pokemonworldonline.net/

is also an MMO based on pokemon, seemed to have survived for quite a while.

Their legal statement:

Pokemon World Online neither owns nor claims to own any portion of the Pokemon Franchise. Pokemon World Online is an unaffiliated, fan-created game based off of products owned by the companies listed above.

So apparently, Nintendo's lawyers are much more forgiving than those AAA game companies.. :P

Yeah, there are actually quite a few games which are coming out from communities based around pokemon, and there have actually been multiple groups who have tried to make a 3D MMO of pokemon, but they all die.  Thats why I want to get a pre-formed community behind the project.

To anyone who is interested, I have submitted a partnership proposal to nintendo which can be viewed on our site.  When I get results from this, I will post them here.

btw: added to the ProjectsList.


just to clarify, the game is an MMO and we definately ARE recruiting

Just to add some legal light here (not that I'm looking to discourage anyone), companies typically aren't concerned about people assuming the copyright of their work, though you still need to mention that you don't own it. The primary concern in these situations is that ANY game, profit or non, will potentially draw customers away from their official projects.

So! If a company has no project planned, they are often very polite towards fan-games. If something starts brewing, however, expect a C&D order very quickly.

It's good that you've contact them. As I said, if they have nothing in the works, they'll probably give you the 'ok'. Good luck!