Game project - THOCED

Hello everyone,

I wanted to introduce you to the project I am working on. This is a game based on a block - type voxel - building system.

Currently, I do not know yet which direction the game will take.
I’m thinking instead of a colony building game (RIMWORLD style), but nothing is sure.

I must now work on the scenario and the gameplay before continuing to program.

Until now, I only dedicated myself to the game engine, I also modified the Pathfinder code of the Slick2d library to adapt it to the 3d.

Path search works relatively well.

As you can see, I’m not very good in graphics,:wink: characters are created for testing.

If you have scenario ideas, do not hesitate to let me know !!!

I post some videos and I will come back with new content later.
The second video shows the use of the modified pathfinder.


Test Pathfinder (A Star) :


Nice camera. Something that slightly bothers me is that it stops so abruptly when moving in comparison to rotating. Maybe you can make it decelerate for a very small amount of time.

Anyhow, great job, looking good!

thank you,
Yes, the movement of the camera stops quickly. I have not worked on that for now, but it’s planned.