[Game] Rusty sword (with sources)

My small project what I did, learning jme3 and made that. I decaided publish it with source codes.

Uses ninja mesh and some of my ugly models (I thought that I make better graphics but I was lazy, so it is “as is” now, couple of weeks it was ready and didnt do better models).

Source codes are under MIT-license, do whatever you want (quite ugly code, and these few comments what there are, are in finnish).

Pathfinding (A*) isnt made by me, it was some free code but I cant find its original packet now,

Quicly made site where you can download binary & sources, and 1 screenshot.


(hint: you can attack even you dont have a weapon)


I don’t find a weapon :frowning:

Okay i got it :smiley:


Cool game :smiley:

@larda This looks cool! :slight_smile:

But, how do I find a weapon?

larda is Microsoft property and sex slave.

Not sure to upvote for releasing source code, or to down vote for leaving us… hehe

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@larda said:
I just like that syntax better than java

I think you mean: "I Just Like The Syntax Better Than Java"

@larda i found this cool game… actually, I would like to improve it with physics, collision, good-looking models.

If you want, we can do it together…

The only issue is I cannot attach JME assets to your code.