Game settings inside a SimpleJMEApplet

Hi, I need to make a configuration screen for my game, which runs inside an applet. All the examples inside the jmetest package are not applets. I tried to use this code inside my applet with no luck.

Any suggestions? Is it possible to use JMEDesktop inside an applet?? I tried to rewrite the JMEDesktop examples to make them work from an applet, but I get thread-related exceptions.


A simple "it cannot be done" would be acceptable  :-o… Is there anyone out there?


Technically nearly everything (if not everything) in jME will work exactly the same in an applet.  Be sure that you're not creating your JMEDesktop outside of the OpenGL thread, and if you are you are making use of GameTaskQueueManager in your code.

If you want to provide settings in your game there is a feature in jmex for providing a GameSettingsPanel (I believe that's the name) that uses JMEDesktop.

Thank you very much Darkfrog!