Game Structure

Hello, mighty minds.

So I’ve been reading & playing with the tutorials and examples. For a larger game, I’m trying to wrap my mind around game structure.

My idea: oooo, aaaa,an online MMO

I’m structuring it with a log in screen, a character customization/selection screen to start. Then a main game play area and a personal space for the player to customization space. And a tutorial space or use NPCs for tutorial quests.

‘If’ I understand the way the jmonkey engine works. I need to have 3 or 4 scenes. Each scene would have a specific function and be loaded as needed.

As far as structuring the nodes it would be as follows:

Main Node -

  • Static/Passive NPC
  • Player
  • Active NPC
  • Tutorial NPC
  • Static Objects
  • Active Objects

    Okay, so do I have a starting point?