Gamer's helping cure a virus through a research targeted online game

So quick version is that a university down in the US threw together a protein folding online game called “Foldit”. As a result of gamer’s playing it they were able to help decipher some rather nasty bugs that have stumped scientists for nearly a decade.

As a result of the 3 discoveries the players that found the solution are listed as co-authors under their online names. So ya. Right now there is a scientific paper with the co-authors listed as mrsgrimes, x3r0 z3r0, OrbitalPete, snipergirl and modinn (I find this a bit funny).

Anyways thought you guys would find this interesting since it is a sort of new venue for game development. Games don’t have to be just entertaining but can be entertaining and still have a useful outcome.

I highly recommend reading the second link.

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Heh, yeh I read about this.

Since we play games and make them, does that make us masters of the universe?..

erlend_sh said:
... does that make us masters of the universe?..

By the power of grey skull I think you're right! ;)