GameStates and axes placement

Lo all,

Let me first visualize what I’d like to achieve:

Now, I’d like to use the lower and right part of the image for parallel projection (e.g. gui) and the upper left part to display an ordinary scene containing textured models and animation. At first, I tried to achieve this using the canvas implementation of jME, however, as I’d like to go fullscreen after all and as I think jME has been more thoroughly developed for that purpose, I wonder how it’s done.

I know I could just define seperate gamestates for the scene and the user interface, however, in addition I would like the scene have its origin at the crosssection and use only its delimited area (which would be 400x300 pixels in this case). So no HUD programming for me.

Thx for your thoughts.

Make a seperate RenderPass for each "window". Inbetween them, change the viewport, camera, etc.