Gamestates and displays

If I have five gameStates Should i have 5 displays created?

or it's reasonable to think that I need to create one display and references it in all my states?

I tried to mix two gameStates, but the game seems to render just one rootNode of th states. How can I mix both rootNodes from each one of the gameStates?

The idea of GameStates is to have several root nodes in one scene… only that one is going to be active at a time (or perhaps several). Ideally you only have one display that is associated with your game, and you simply enable disable the States you need.

so every rootNodes that I have will be attached at the same display…

and what about interfaces?

fengGUI for example, has a display too. in that case should I use many displays? one for option interface, one for the main menu, e etc ?

Just to clear that GameState thing a little up.

There is a neat example in the documentation area. Baically you use GameStates if you want to be able to add and remove parts of scene quickly.

The example given would be that of a HUD. You have your scene that displays ypur world. By hiting a key you enable the HUD DameState that then renders the HUD.

You only need one display as you only render to one dsiplay, the only thing that changes is the amount of nodes you render.

You could also use it to display a menu, a grid overlay …