Gamestates and UI question


I am trying to create a turn based strategy game using Standardgame and Gamestates. In connection with that I was hoping to get some advice from those among you who have more experience with jME and game-writing in general.

The game includes several UI components that cover the entire screen - Diplomacy window etc. Would it be wise to put these in a separate gamestate or should I look for some different solution. Similarly… say I want to play a video on screen in a 'pop-up window' … would it be advisable to do this in a separate gamestate or not?

When I look at this myself, I'd like to put all these things in separate gamestates as it would make handling them easier for me, but perhaps there are reasons for not getting too many gamestates? Overhead or something…

Thank you in advance

i would also try to put these things into separate GameStates, that way you can easily activate/deactivate those things.

I can't think of any reasons for not having 10 or 50 GameStates, they basically just have their own root node and name, so there is not much overhead.

Thank you for the answer, Core-Dump. It certainly looked that way after I looked into the Monkey Mahjongg example application some people are working on for jME - it has separate game-states for different menu-screens. But I just wanted to make sure.